Sex-Specific Immunoengineering Lab


Teaching comes in many forms, including didactic lectures, small group seminars, one-on-one sessions, and mentorship. Teaching combines knowledge, management and communication skills, ethics, relationships, passion, and compassion. As such, teaching is not just a way to impart knowledge, but can also be used as a method to foster interest in the subject. I love to share my passion, knowledge, and curiosity with my students, to inspire their creativity, develop their critical thinking abilities, and prepare them for the complex world they will face after leaving campus. I have designed and taught six courses including (1) Immunoengineering, (2) Cell and Tissue Engineering, (3) Introduction to Biomedical Imaging, (4) Nanomedicine, (5) Biosecurity and Bioterrorism, and (6) Senior-level Bioengineering Lab.