Sex-Specific Immunoengineering Lab


Justice, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion

To facilitate learning and scientific discovery, Zanganeh Lab aims to assemble a cohesive and diverse team where all members feel welcome and heard. However, as people from various backgrounds and ethnic groups learn in different ways, treating everyone in the same way does not guarantee equity; hence we commit to a Lab Code of Conduct, yearly Lab Feedback and yearly Individual Review of Team Members. We also aim to consider anonymity and gender neutrality in our selection process as a means to omit any unwanted discrimination. Zanganeh Lab Code of Conduct


Here at Zanganeh Lab, there is no tolerance for any exclusionary, discriminatory, or offensive language or behavior.  All people, regardless of their cultural, ethnic, religious or sexual identity, will be treated equally and addressed with respect.

There also is no tolerance for harassment of any kind, such as unwanted physical, sexual or repeated social contact. If you are not sure whether your behavior towards another person is welcome, you must ask. Respecting the privacy and safety of all members is an important factor in our team.

All members are guaranteed equal opportunities to participate in work-related and social activities. Should anything inappropriate occur, as a first step a gentle reminder of the Code of Conduct will be given. It is important to remember that research work is difficult and can sometimes be stressful; thus, maintaining your own mental health is a key factor to successful cooperation and team work.

Being “professional” is subject to various interpretations; however, in Zanganeh Lab professionalism is defined as follows:


Keep an open mind and try to learn by helping one another, inquiring about new topics and being curious. Remember that being willing to learn at all times is the key to becoming a great scientist. While making mistakes is unavoidable, learning from them and taking responsibility for our mistakes is what leads to a healthy, dynamic, and progressive work environment.

Keep thorough records of all your activities and procedures and back up your data regularly. Presenting verifiable data is of crucial importance in our lab and the raw data should be provided for each and every publication. When using outside sources, remember to always cite the sources you use. Never manipulate data or succumb to forgery. If you witness any unethical behavior or scientific misconduct, you should feel obliged to report it; under no circumstance should the integrity of our research work be compromised.

Constructive feedback is always appreciated; however, it should be taken into consideration that the aim of feedback is to help your team members improve and not to make them feel bad about the work they are doing. Before providing another member with feedback, consider the motivation behind it, your own state of mind, the timing, and whether or not the feedback is going to be constructive and push your team members towards further success.